Power Clouds are ready to resume their responsibilities

We have been advised that Power Clouds Holdings Pte Ltd is now ready to take on their responsibilities again.

Previously Power Clouds interrupted its payment obligation to Power Cloud participants.  Consequently, Wor(l)d GN, as a commercial partner undertook an interim and onerous reimbursement operation to support the project and its participants.

This Wor(l)d GN intervention was successful because it provided payment to many participants around the world who are today grateful to Wor(l)d GN for restoring hope in the project and for providing interim support.

Many thousands of Power Cloud participants from all over the world have waited patiently for Power Clouds to recover.  Eventually, after about two years from the start of the project crisis, Power Clouds has restructured and a new window of opportunity is opening for this renewable energy project.

Today, although with considerable delay, Power Clouds has been able to demonstrate a credible plan which will enable it to honor the relationship of trust with their participants by offering them a clear and worthwhile Settlement Agreement.

Each project participant, subscriber of Lease Agreement or Hire Purchase, may choose from the available opportunity, the more appropriate form for recovery, by simply signing the Settlement Agreement available on demand sending an email to  info@powerclouds.com  the official email of the Power Clouds.

Now that Power Clouds is offering and can financially support a Settlement Agreement, Wor(l)d GN interim supporting role is no longer required.  Consequently, Wor(l)D GN is redirecting all new and currently in process refund requests to Power Clouds. Over the next few days, the use of the Refund Power Units page will be suspended and all incomplete requests will be referred to Power Clouds for settlement.

For any and all further information about the Power Clouds project or refunds, please visit the Power Clouds website : http://powerclouds.com or contact Power Clouds directly at  info@powerclouds.com

At Wor(l)d GN, we are proud to have been able to support our participants during this difficult time and now we are please to hand over this responsibility back to Power Clouds to completely fulfil and satisfy its contractual obligations. 

Together with thousands of Power Clouds participants from around the world, we look forward to a new beginning for this project, so together we can see the powerful impact and the sustainable results of our efforts when we belived in the Power Clouds concept and took the first steps to start this exciting renewable energy project.

Page to Request Power Units Refund Is Now Available

As previously announced, WOR(l)D Global Network will provide a full refund to all Power Clouds participants who purchased solar panels from WOR(l)D GN.

The official procedure to submit a refund request is now available.

Each participant can log in to his or her WOR(l)D GN backOffice — the same platform where the purchase took place — and access the page called “Refund Power Units”. More information about how to properly submit a refund request is available on this page.

Each request will be evaluated and verified. Soon after, a member of the WOR(l)D GN team will contact the participant who submitted the request.

Thank you for your patience.

WOR(l)D Global Network Executive Team

WorldGN rectifies PowerClouds payment default

As PowerClouds have failed to adequately satisfy PowerClouds participant needs, WorldGN has decided to intervene to rectify the situation by providing a full refund to all panel purchasers.

The Power Clouds project began as an excellent concept and WorldGN was delighted to bring it to reality, with the help and support of WorldGN’s distribution network.    

From the beginning, the objective was to create a process whereby a small, simple action by many people would make a large impact on the environmental wellbeing of our planet, and also would provide a return on the energy sold to the grid.

We created the opportunity that enabled anyone, anywhere to operate a solar panel in a central optimized location that maximized the environmental and economic benefits arising from the production of solar energy. Many people from all over the world took action and participated in this green revolution.  With the help of these participants, Power Clouds installed 6.1MW solar park in Romania, started to construct 2.1MW solar park in Otaro,  Japan and started negotiations to acquire other solar parks.

While the PowerClouds achievement is environmentally impressive, it did not meet all of the objectives of the PowerClouds participants.  At the beginning, PowerClouds made payments to the participants but then the payments stopped. PowerClouds claim that the reason they ceased payment is a reduction in Green Cert payments from Romania.  If this is the case, we believed that PowerClouds received sufficient payments from the grid to continue with at least partial payments. 

In WorldGN’s opinion, PowerClouds ceased payments because:

  • (i) there was a delay in completing the solar parks 
  • (ii) the solar parks in Romania and Japan ran over budget and 
  • (iii) the management’s execution of the project was inadequate.

All this time, WorldGN has been pushing PowerClouds to find a solution on behalf of the participants but no acceptable solution has been found. WorldGN believes that participants have waited long enough.

WorldGN has now decided to provide a full refund to all PowerClouds participants who purchased solar panels from WorldGN.

Please contact us at info@powercloudsrefund.me to make your refund request.

We acknowledge the difficulties associated with the delays in payments. WorldGN wanted to allow PowerClouds sufficient time to resolve their situation but unfortunately, they have been unable to do so.

Consequently we feel obliged to provide a full refund because for us, it is important that we maintain our customer’s respect. We appreciate your support in this matter.

World Global Network Pte Ltd  Executive Team